Fall 2020
Second Year Architecture Studio | Professor: Jeremy Ficca and Bea Spolidoro
As an adaptive reuse project, the Spring Garden Hostel explores how new construction can physically and culturally engage the surrounding community and neighborhood while preserving and honoring the past. It was essential in my design process to clarify my attitude towards the existing brick shell. The new construction’s highly contrasting material and delicate impact on the main façade of the shell allows the new elements of the hostel to grow from within as separate entities without harshly disrupting the visual rhythm of the historic neighborhood. 
In an effort to maintain the visual rhythm of the existing neighborhood, the new construction cracks the existing wall and seeps into the exterior public plaza to create the perception of openness. 
The form of the hostel is abstractly five volumes stacked perpendicularly to one another that are centered around a two-storied courtyard at the core of the hostel. This courtyard creates a visual connection throughout the hostel as well as become the physical bridge between the stacked volumes.