Fall 2019
Second Year Architecture Studio | Professor: Jonathan Kline and Lori Fitzgerald
Our studio of ten worked in pairs to design a five-unit housing cooperative for a total of ten families in the context of the rapidly expanding neighborhood of Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh. Our studio aimed to collaboratively create a community-oriented development project that prioritizes social engagement while still maintaining a level of individualism that fit the needs of each individual household. Our studio group not only designed homes in pairs but also worked as a ten-person team to develop a master plan of the overall site, outline each individual unit lot, and design all public spaces. 
I worked with Aadya Bhartia to develop a communal housing unit designed for two families with a shared tech workshop. 
The form of the housing unit focus towards the internal courtyard that serves as a connection not only from the main road but also to the shared outdoor spaces of the larger communal housing unit.  By creating definitive, opaque walls on the sides of the unit we created a shell that reinforces this focus on the internal courtyard. In addition, there is visual transparency within the courtyard and the interior spaces that face the courtyard thus creating more connection through the courtyard.​​​​​​​
Within our design, we contemplated the gradient of public to private living and the way in which the design of a home can connect families and the community while maintaining a level of privacy for more intimate living. In particular, we focused on the separation between private living spaces and the tech workshop. By creating circulation within the courtyard between the two buildings, the families are able to enter the unit and go directly to their private living spaces or the communal living spaces without interacting directly with the tech workshop. ​​​​​​​